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Animal Care & Control

  1. Animal Control Comment, Commendation, or Concern

    Please use this form to communicate an Animal Control related comment, commendation, or concern that does not require immediate... More…

  2. Report a Coyote
  1. Pet Licensing Form

    Form required by the City of Mansfield for the licensing of dogs and cats living in the city.

  2. Report a Lost/Found Animal

Building Safety

  1. Garage Sale Permit Application

    Use this form to apply for a Garage Sale Permit or an Estate Sale Permit.

  2. Inspection Request

    This form is used to request an inspection.

  1. Inspection Cancellation Request

    This form is used to cancel a requested inspection.

Environmental Services

  1. Brush/Bulky Waste Pickup Request Form

    Form for residents to request a large brush/bulky waste pickup from Republic Services.

  2. Fall Sweep 2020 Cleanup Supply Request Form

    The City of Mansfield is partnering with Keep Mansfield Beautiful and Keep Texas Beautiful to participate in the Fall Sweep cleanup... More…

  1. Fall Sweep 2020 Cleanup Report Submission

    The City of Mansfield is partnering with Keep Mansfield Beautiful and Keep Texas Beautiful to participate in the Fall Sweep cleanup... More…

  2. Recycle Cart Request Form

    The city provides residents with recycle carts for the curbside recycling program. New residents can use this form to request a cart.... More…

Fire Department

  1. Fire Department Inspection Request

    This form is to request an inspection from the Fire Department Inspectors.

Human Resources

  1. Fire Fighter Interest Form

    Use this form to express interest in employment with the Mansfield Fire Department.

  1. Police Recruitment Interest Card


  1. Digital E-Card

    Receive a digital library card from Mansfield Public Library by filling out this form. Once registered successfully, you will receive... More…

  2. Library Contact Us Form

    Got a reference question? Do you have a suggestion for something we can do better? Whatever it is, tell us using the form below and... More…

  3. This is Us
  1. Interlibrary Loan Request Form

    Materials not held by the Mansfield-Arlington Public Library partnership may be borrowed through the Interlibrary Loan Service (ILL) if... More…

  2. Library Suggest a Purchase Form

Mansfield Volunteer Program

  1. Group Event Volunteer Participation Log

    Use this form to submit completed volunteer hours for a specific event your group participated in. Hours will be used for program... More…

  1. Individual Volunteer Participation Log

    Use this form to submit completed volunteer hours. Hours will be used for program auditing purposes. Additionally, hours will be... More…


  1. General Concerns or Feedback
  1. Veteran Registration Form

    This is a form for residents of Mansfield, TX who are veterans. The City is creating a database to provide information to veterans on... More…

Neighborhood Services

  1. Neighborhood Registration Form

    Form to register a Homeowners Association or Neighborhood Association with the City for a map resource

Parks & Recreation

  1. Program Refund Request

    Request a refund for a Mansfield Parks & Recreation program or event.

  1. Rental Cancellation Request

    Request to cancel rental at a pavilion, field, tennis court or the MAC.

Planning & Zoning

  1. Application for Plat Approval
  2. Zoning Change Application

    Online Zoning Change Application for Zoning Changes, Specific Use Permits and Detailed Site Plans

  1. Zoning Board of Adjustment Application

    Use this form to apply to the Zoning Board of Adjustment for a variance or Special Exception to the requirements of the Zoning... More…

  2. Zoning Verification Request

    Application for Zoning Verification Letter. There is a $50 fee per application.

Public Works

  1. ROW Permit Application

    This form will be filled out by Contractor / Utility Company. This will include description of work, start & ending date of project,... More…

Street Opertations

  1. Report a Public Works concern

    This form will be used for residents who would like to report certain concerns such as: sidewalk repairs, potholes, timing of traffic... More…

Water Utilities

  1. Cleanout Cap Replacement Program

    Customer request for replacement of missing or damaged cleanout cap.