What Are Our Biggest Issues?

As the committee evaluated the inventory, benchmarks and feedback, four topics emerged as key focus areas needed highest priority attention.

  1. Playgrounds
  2. Recreation & Aquatics
  3. Athletic Fields
  4. Trails

FOCUS AREA: Playgrounds

    • Based on the adopted standards, Mansfield should have 21 playgrounds in 2020 but only has 15. By 2030, we will need an additional 14. 
    • The average playground equipment is nearly nine years old, nearing the 10-15 year industry standard lifetime. 
    • Because of the rapid growth of the city, some areas expanded quickly and without adequate parks to serve the new residents. Land is now scarce in the most densely populated quadrant with no space to add parks or playgrounds. 
    • Action is needed to preserve what little remains as well as to ensure the same does not happen with the southern areas that are now seeing new development.
    • Playgrounds ranked in the top four most important facilities in the user survey.
    • Neighborhood parks/park closer to my house was the third most frequently requested additions in write-in answers. 
    • Today's park visitors expect comfort amenities like shade, seating, interactive features and themed playgrounds for a more unique experience.
    • The committee recommends all playgrounds get comfort upgrades like shade, additional seating and wifi.
    • All aging playgrounds should be replaced with new equipment that offers more modern amenities and diversity of activity.
    • Staff should seek new areas to add playgrounds and play amenities, either in existing parks or unused space or in newly developed parks.

McClendon Park East (5)