About Mansfield Parks


ONP wildflowerMansfield Parks & Recreation operates and maintains more than 1,000 acres of parkland, dozens of athletic fields and the Walnut Creek Linear Trail, as well as five public-private partnership facilities. 

The Mansfield Activities Center provides enrichment and athletic opportunities for all ages including recreation classes, sports skills training and Pickleball open court & tournaments  The MAC is also home to the Senior Lifestyles services, summer Kids Zone day camp and many family events. 

Elmer W. Oliver Nature Park, an 80-acre nature preserve, is an oasis of native plants and wildlife for a peaceful refuge from the city. ONP also offers classes for all ages including science & nature, ecology, fishing, archery & kayaking.  

City recreational sports leagues are operated by independent associations who use city fields and facilities to host league practices and games. Parks & Rec is also responsible for the planning & execution of all city special events, festivals and races.


The Mansfield Parks & Recreation Department includes more than 40 full-time employees, 24 part-time and 10-14 seasonal staffers brought on for summer programs and extended maintenance needs.


In 1992 Mansfield voters approved a half-cent sales tax to fund parks and recreation. That fund covers almost all of the department costs, including land acquisition, park maintenance and development, program operations and staffing. Oversight of the fund is managed by the Mansfield Park Facilities Development Corporation, a volunteer board of citizens appointed by City Council. Parks built before the 1992 ordinance are funded with general fund revenue per state law, as are senior citizen programs and community special events.


In addition to developing and maintaining green space and parks for the community, Manfield's Parks & Recreation Department is responsible for a number of other city services and programs, including but not limited to:

  • Youth & Adult Recreation
  • Nature Education
  • Senior Citizen Programs
  • Median & Right-of-way Maintenance
  • Community Special Events

Public-Private Partnerships

Mansfield has five public-private partnerships where the city-funded construction of a recreation facility that is operated by a private corporation. The managing organization then pays the City for use of the facility. These arrangements allow the City to offer residents a broader range of recreation and entertainment options than would be otherwise possible.

For a printable overview of the department, download our Parks & Rec Fact Sheet.

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